Business Support Services
Women who are considering Self-employment or in business start up can participate in Business Seminars and Networking Events, have access to business mentors, and be referred to other supportive services.

Self Employment Training
This program provides women with an orientation to self-employment and an opportunity to develop the personal and business skills required to set up and operate a small business.

Business Expansion Services
For graduates of our self-employment programs, this program offers entrepreneurs mentorship, peer supports, and business coaching.

  • MicroSkills Women's Loan Fund in Partnership with Alterna Savings
  • The MicroSkills Women’s Loan Fund was created in 2001 to help immigrant and visible minority women overcome financial barriers in accessing traditional bank loans to finance their business start-up or to grow their existing business. This micro loan program provides low interest business loans to women entrepreneurs who have graduated from our Self Employment Training (SET) Program.

    Role of MicroSkills and Alterna Savings

    • The MicroSkills Women’s Loan Fund operates through a partnership between MicroSkills and Alterna Savings.
    • MicroSkills will provide assistance to SET graduates with eligibility assessment, completing the Alterna Credit Application Form and reviewing the documents submitted in the complete application package.
    • Alterna Savings, as the financial granting institution, establishes the interest rates of the loans, fee structure, repayment terms (frequency) and possible loan extensions for borrowers.

  • Coaching & Business Seminars
  • Open to all women entrepreneurs, these activities provide women with opportunities to enhance their skills, build their networks, and promote their products and services to a wider audience.

    For more information about these opportunities, please contact our Women's Services Specialist at 416-247-7181, ext 2806.